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Play Detective Files 2 Online

    Detective Files 2
    In case that you have already played the first part of the game Detective files, you probably remember the mystery around the murder of John Doe. But if you havent played the game, or you dont remember this person, that is not a reason not to play this game because this is just one more adventure that will really keep your attention. The detective is in the house where the murder took place, and again he has to solve the case. Do you feel prepared enough to help him do his mission?

    Game Walkthrough: And that is the point when this mission becomes your mission, involving you in one excellent hidden object game that is combined with spot the difference game. That means that it would be very interesting for you in every moment because your tasks will be different from level to level. The game starts with a hidden object level where you need to find the items that are hidden in the picture. The list of items is given under the picture. At the beginning there are written the names of only six items but after you find some item, new name appears on the list and so on, until you find all needed items. You will see that there isnt any time limitation in the game but however, you need to find all items in order to go to the next level. And the next level is new room, new challenge but in this challenge you need to spot the differences that appear between two almost same pictures. Yes, they look as they are same but if you open your eyes better, you will see that actually there are five differences between them. This game also doesn't have time limitation. And that is how will this game proceed hidden object game, then spot the difference, then again hidden..and so on, until you get to the end of the game and solve the whole mystery. Both types of games include using hint but after you've used it once, you need to wait for a while, the hint button to gets full and them use it again.

    Game Instructions: Once you find some hidden object or you detect some difference that appears between two pictures, just click on it with the left mouse button or tap on the touchpad of your laptop, after you've pointed the item.


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    Global rating: 3.3/5 from 8 players.

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    Detective Files 2

    You need a plugin to play this game! click here to download.

    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Published on: 02.12.2012
    Played: 99,489
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    All comments (3)
    Becbec (3 months ago):
    I will pass on games that cannot be solved because the items are different than picture.  Nope not for me.
    Becbec (3 months ago):
    This game was extremely difficult.  The words used, are not from my vocabulary.   The items asked for did not seem to match the pictures.  I don't know if,  the maker is from England, for where, but the vocabulary is off.

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