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    Sisis Messy Room
    You may say that cats only like to enjoy and they dont have a clue what is tidy room or tidy house but our cute cat wont leave you in mess, she will guide you to clean up that place and make it perfectly clean!

    Game Walkthrough: It is about very nice and colorful game that is recommended mainly for younger players because of the simple plot and the bright colors that usually keep childrens attention but that doesnt mean that older players wont enjoy it too. While you play and look for hidden objects, you will actually clean up the whole place. The game starts with one room where you should look for cups of coffee that are spread all over the place. At the beginning your time given for finishing the level is 60 seconds but while you look for the cups, it is recommended to look for the clocks too because they will give you some extra time. Besides the clocks there are also some question marks spread all over the place and finding them you actually get hints for the current and for the following level. In the next level you have 70 seconds for playing at the beginning but also you have more objects for finding this time hats and butterflies. Again are the same rules about the clocks and the question marks. The third level is the most challenging level in the game and in this level you have 80 seconds at the start but you should look for many different objects like ribbons, foodies, tins, bottles and papers. Probably this is the moment when youll need most time and help because you need to find 10 of each object. Being fast in your moves and finding the objects fast will give you a lot of points and high range at the rank table so you better do your best.

    Game Instructions: There isnt anything complicated about the instructions for playing this game. You just need a mouse or you could play the game on the touchpad if you have laptop. You observe the whole scene and once you notice one of the objects, point at it with the mouse cursor or the finger and click on it with the left mouse button (tap if you play with your fingers) and thats it.


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    Sisis Messy Room

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    Genres: Romance | ForFun
    Played: 47,360
    Published on: 12.05.2013
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