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    Waiting Room
    Usually before we enter in some room of a certain institution like the doctors office in the hospital, or even before we take our turn in a hairstyle saloon, we usually wait for a while in the hall, which is actually the waiting room. And there is nothing special about this place, few tables and chairs, usually some newspapers and magazines, so it wont be boring in case that someone is waiting for a longer period of time. But see what is going on in our waiting rooms.

    Game Walkthrough: The following game includes three levels which are actually three waiting rooms. And you could say, what is could be about a waiting room? Well those waiting rooms are in a total mess! Who knows what has happened since those places are usually very can and tidy, but not in this case. Thats why we are looking for your help to find some objects that simply dont belong there. In every level you have 10 items that need to be found and their names are written in a list that is positioned over the main picture. For doing that and finishing the whole job, you have 5 minutes available but in case that the time is up, the game will be over. However, you could continue playing from the level where you stop, or start all over. So condition for entering into the next level is finding all objects. While you do that, try to be very precise in your moves because every mistake or random click costs 20 seconds of your time less and that is not a good circumstance when your total time is 5 minutes. The game also does not give a chance for using hints, so its everything left to you and your sharp observational skills.

    Game Instructions: And the last step before you start playing the instructions. You check out the list with wanted objects and you start looking for them. When you find an object point at it with the mouse cursor and simply click on it with the left mouse button and try to be precise, without making any wrong moves. Some players play those games with numerous random clicks, until they get to the wanted objects but in this case, that will only finish up you game faster, without getting to its end.


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    Waiting Room

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    Published on: 16.05.2013
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    bobby1 (4 years ago):
    oh my god whats with the spanish ads want more english so i can under stand what they are try to sell me boo boo boo
    patches48 (5 years ago):
    not long enough