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    Lemon Chicken
    Easy lemon chicken, have you tried it? Well that is the dish that we will prepare in the following game. The point of this recipe is that the lemon gives an extra taste of the chicken, always highlighting the best flavors in the dish. But you know that we need some ingredients for preparing something so lets get that and cooking may start! But do you know the recipe?

    Game Walkthrough: This is one very interesting hidden object game that is related to cooking and getting many different ingredients. The game has 5 levels from which the first four are made on the same principle while the last one is little bit different. The first stop in the game is the grocery shop where you can buy some fruits or like in our case, you should simply find them. There are numerous ingredients there on the scene, but under the main picture, there is a list of the ingredients that actually need to be found so concentrate just on them and try to be very fast in your moves. Finding all those items is a condition for moving on in the next level and you may also use hints many times in every level. Just have in mind that you cant count on that all the time because you actually lose time waiting. Once youve used the hint option, the hint button empties so you have to wait for some time, until it becomes full, and then use it again. You may say that this is ok, you have all the time in the world, but if you like to earn a lot of points and aim for a best score, you better rely on your sharp observational skills more, because being fast gives you a lot of points, so you cant lose a second! As we said, the first three levels are like that, while the last level is actually preparing the lemon chicken recipe. In this level you will have the chance to see which are the ingredients for making this delicious meal and you wont have a list of objects but youll look for the ingredients in particular order, like it is given in the game.

    Game Instructions: This game will be played with the mouse, like most of the hidden object games, or you may play it on the touchpad, if you have a laptop. Observe the scene and once you see the wanted object, point it and then click on it to select it. You do the same for activating hints, just clicking on that hint button that is positioned over the scene.


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    Lemon Chicken

    You need a plugin to play this game! click here to download.

    Genres: Adventure | Cooking
    Played: 286,941
    Published on: 17.05.2013
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    FUN game
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