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    Lost Lottery Ticket
    There are people that are very passionate about lottery.They buy lottery tickets every week or even more often waiting for the moment when theyll receive something. And some of them really catch something from time to time, while others choose to play simply as a hobby, to keep the thrill that follows the process of waiting and the chance that they could become millionaires at once, not really carrying about the outcome. It would be hard to enter into the psychology of the lottery players but the ones that play many years on the same numbers are probably one of the most interesting types of players. Some of them do that their entire life, believing that just that combination of few numbers is the one that will make them rich in some point of life, and without missing a single day of watching the show. And it is amazing that some people actually have that luck, but their number probably is not that high, opposing the ones number of people that actually do that Check out what has happen with our passionate player in the following game.

    Game Walkthrough: This guy plays on the same combination for years, and he hasnt miss even one time. And now he also did the same procedure, the same numbers, everything on time, and just before the drawing stars, he cant find his lottery ticket! Thats why he is desperately looking for your help. The point of the game is to find that ticket, but on your way youll be looking for some hidden objects. You start with the apartment, and then you continue on the streets where he passed before, some old antique shop where he also was And in each of those scenes you need to find 10 hidden objects in order to continue the game. In each scene you have a chance for using hint, you have a hint bar for that, so you simply have to wait for it gets full (red) and you may use it as many times as you need. Try to be fast in finding the objects because that way you may get a better score.

    Game Instructions: We will play this game with help of the mouse, or simply with your fingers if you have laptop and you prefer like that. Look carefully for the wanted objects and once you spot one, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button (or simply tap on the touchpad), to select it. you activate the hint on the same way.


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    Lost Lottery Ticket

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    Published on: 22.05.2013
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