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    Old Tavern
    Maybe you havent heard about taverns or you have but in any case, we will explain you the point of those places. Today we call them pubs of caf bars but before they were called taverns. It is about a place where people gather to drink some alcoholic drink and also there was food served. Besides this, there were also taverns that provided a place to sleep for the guests. Today cant be found so often places of this type in the big cities. They still exist in some small Mediterranean places, like Greece or Spain and there is served their national cuisine, so they are pretty good visited by the tourists from all around the world. Taverns are usually smaller than the regular restaurants and the furniture there is wooden. It is interesting that there could be sensed the spirit of some old times that are already gone, bringing us back to something that was tradition of the place

    Game Walkthrough: And we cant say if those taverns in this game work or dont work. In case they work, the visitors probably cant find a place to sit because everything there is in a real mess. Starting from the entrance to the taverns and continuing in its rooms, all around there are numerous objects! And it is very obvious that their place is not there. Thats why we need your help before the official season starts, to clean up this mess together, before the first visitors for this summer appear. The game is divided into levels and in every level you have a task to find all items that are given in a list that is positioned on the left side from the main scene. You have plenty of time for finishing that and also you have many chances for using hint but after youve used it once, you need to wait for a while, the hint bar to becomes full, and then use it again.

    Game Instructions: You can play each level as many times as you like, but that wont help you to learn the positions of the objects because every time you play, there are different objects wanted, the list of objects changes randomly. The instructions for playing are very easy. You need to have a mouse or a working touchpad in case that you play on a laptop, and you dont like mice. You observe the scene and once you spot some of the wanted objects, point at it with the mouse (or the finger) and click on it with the left mouse button (tap on the touchpad).


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    Old Tavern

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    Genres: ForFun | Mystery | Shopping
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    Published on: 27.05.2013
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    jackfrost (1 year ago):
    19racerlady (3 years ago):
    love old games....make you work at it!
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