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    Lost Island Adventure
    You were flying with your private jet and enjoying the wonderful sight over the ocean and this beautiful island but unfortunately there was a terrible accident. You crashed into the ocean but luck in accident, the island was very near and maybe there is a way to get out of there fast. Just follow the hidden objects and differences

    Game Walkthrough: While playing this game you will actually take a tour on this island, moving from one place to another. You start with one green point, and in order to move forward, into the next spot (level), you need to find all the hidden objects. You get a picture of the scene and on the right side of the scene there is the list of the objects that need to be found. You should find all of them, and rely just on your own observational skills because there is not any hint available in the game. When you are on some island, the next step if you like to move on, is dealing with snakes, so in the next level you need to find eight hidden snake in order to advance. Again follow the red spot and youll be in a place where you will take care of the insects. We warn you at the beginning, dont be afraid of things like this; you have to find a way to survive on this island. After you are finis with that, it is time to find some differences that appear between two pictures that look almost same but between them there are five differences. It would be about one small colorful frogbut we think that we have revealed you enough! Now you can start your adventure and feel all the thrill of surviving in distant island. Have in mind that everything is up to you, and there is no hint available in all of the levels level.

    Game Instructions: The instructions are quite simple and same for both types of games hidden objects and find the difference. You observe the scene and once you spot a wanted item, or you spot a difference between two pictures, you take the mouse and you point at the spot, and then you click on it, using the left mouse button, to select it.


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    Lost Island Adventure

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    Genres: Adventure | ForFun
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    Published on: 31.05.2013
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