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    Gun Town
    Welcome to the wild, Wild West cowboy! Here the speed has the mail role, but not the speed of running but the speed of shooting! It may sound scary but you are living in Gun Town, a place where everyone knows how to shoot, and not just that, they are all amazingly accurate! Your obligations and your responsibilities here are even bigger that that because you were named a marshal and you need to make this place safe for living. And you may guess that a lot of accurate people means a lot of guns, and a lot of guns includes a lot of crime too. Oh man, you got a lot of things to do there!

    Game Walkthrough: But it is not just that! Those town thieves have stolen a lot of things lately but you and your equip managed to catch them. However, before you caught them, they have lost all the stolen items all over the city or perhaps they have done that purposely, to avoid the blame. Now your task as U.S. Marshall is to find all those objects and bring them back where they belong. The game is divided into four levels that are actually different town locations. In each one of these locations there are 10 items hidden and your task is to find them all in shortest time possible. The total time given for that is three minutes, but as fast you are, as many points you will get. As those cowboys, you need to be fast in your moves but at the same time you need to be very accurate because every wrong move will cost you 5 seconds of your time. That means that you should also avoid random moves that are so typical for some players, because in that case your time will fly away in an instance and you wont manage to advance in the game. Finding those objects is not an easy job, it asks for a great concentration and great observational skills but thats why we have arranged you 3 available hints in every level, just to make your task easier.

    Game Instructions: Your mouse will be your gun for this game, so keep it in your hand and make sure that you act fast enough. Observe the whole scene and concentrate on the objects that are given in the list that is positioned under the main picture. Once you spot one of those objects, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it to select it.


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    Gun Town

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    Published on: 04.06.2013
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