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    Underwater Hotel
    We used to go on a holiday or a weekend in some private accommodation or a hotel, thats how we know it, but just imagine staying at a hotel that is situated under the water? And everything is same, you have an apartment with all needed things like few rooms, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and so on, but your view from the window is the depth of some ocean or a sea. Imagine you are doing your everyday activities and around you there is an eternal underwater kingdom, amazing blue color, numerous colorful fishes, corals, starfishes incredible beauty!

    Game Walkthrough: And yes, it would be great to stay in hotel of that kind and you will have some kind of opportunity for that in the following game. However, we are not going on a holiday under the water, but we are visiting that place to deal a situation. It is not about crime or something just that this place has been closed for the whole winter, and now it needs to be clean up for the beginning of the summer season. All rooms are nice, with a great view and everything but there are many things that need to be cared for. This game has three levels but also an option to be played numerous times, and it is very nice chance for training your observational skills. In every level there are 10 items that need to be found in a time period of one minute. The list of objects is given on the left side and as you detect those objects, they disappear from the list. When there is nothing left to find, you move on the next level. in every level you can use a hint, and you could do that many times, just know that after youve used this option once, you need to wait for some time so the hint bar gets full, and then use it again. Be careful about the limited time, it could simply run away while you are waiting for the hint so you better rely more on your observational skills. And once you are finished with the game, you can start it all over, playing with different objects, positioned on other places, so the challenge is again big.

    Game Instructions: In the underwater world the instructions for playing are same as most of the hidden object games. You observe the scene and once you spot an item, you point on it with the mouse cursor and you click on it with the left mouse button, to select it. You activate the hint with a click as well.


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    Underwater Hotel

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    Published on: 05.06.2013
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