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    Happy Living Room
    In which room of your house you like to spend your time? Maybe you like the bedroom most, sleeping till late in the morning, or you are a type of a person that likes the bathrooms most staying in hot tub for hours, listening to music and relaxing there, or you love to cook so you adore the kitchen? Here you better concentrate on the living room because this game its all about this room. Youll be there for 10 minutes but you think that it will be enough to deal with the given situation? Lets check out!

    Game Walkthrough: The whole action in this game takes place in the living room and we are talking about quite big living room. Once you start the game you get a view of one part of the room but you can notice that from the both sides of the room there are white arrows. With those arrows you can move through the whole room and see every angle of the room. But why is that needed? The point of this game is to find the objects that are hiding in this room. As you start the game, you get 10 minutes for finding the objects that appear under the main picture. At the beginning you see only 5 objects and you may think that this is quite easy game but actually there are so many items. As you find the first objects, new objects appear on the list, until you find all of them and finish the game. be careful not to make mistakes or random moves while you play because each wrong move costs you 20 seconds less from the given time duration, which means many moves like that could bring this game to its end.

    Game Instructions: The first important thing about the instructions are the arrows. For moving, just click on those arrows and you will get a complete preview. For detecting the objects you also play with the mouse, once you spot a wanted item, point at it with the mouse and click on it with the left mouse button. Dont count on getting help on this one, because the hint button only takes you to a page where should be a forum about the game but no one has post anything yet.


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    Happy Living Room

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    Genres: ForFun | Mystery
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    Published on: 06.06.2013
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