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    Find Numbers Challenge 25
    The following game is another perfect opportunity for practicing your observational skills but at the same time you will train your memory a bit. There isn't any plot included in the game but it is all about observing and detecting, so lets see how you would handle it.

    Game Walkthrough: The game is divided into levels and in every level your task is the same to find the numbers from 1 to 25. As you start, the time starts running and the point is to finish as fast as possible, so you could get some extra points too, at the end of the level. For every found number you get 100 points but you also lose 100 points in case that you make a mistake or some kind of a wrong move. You dont have options for hint in the game, so it is everything up to you and your observational skills. Those are the main things about the game but also there is something that makes this game particular. All the wanted numbers are given on a list that is positioned right from the main picture and as you detect them, they disappear from the list, but they dont disappear from the picture. This makes this game little bit tricky because in most of the games of this type, the object disappears from the scene when its found. Since you know the numbers from 1 to 25, the game could lead you to finding them by default, without taking care if you have already found some number. We are warning you about this because too many wrong clicks and your score will be in minus.

    Game Instructions: The game is played with the mouse. The mouse cursor is actually a loop and by passing over the picture with it, you decrease every spot, so you could see things better. Once you spot a number, click on it with the left mouse button, to select it. You could also play the game on the touchpad, in case that you have a laptop, using your fingers instead of a mouse..


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    Find Numbers Challenge 25

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    Published on: 08.06.2013
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