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    Treasure Island
    House as house you may say, but the house in the following game is full of secrets and it is wrapped up with mystery. Or maybe every house looks like that in case that you are a mouse? Well Jade is definitely a mouse but a smart one. He is studying in one country while his uncle and aunt live in another country. Jade really got scared when he received a letter in which they are calling him in their house because they have something important to talk about. However, there was a storm and the house was in a total mess. Jade must discover what is going on because there isnt any trace of his relatives. In the game you will be helping Jade to find his uncle and aunt, in this unforgettable journey.

    Game Walkthrough: While Jade was sitting on the couch, he found a letter in with names of some objects that need to be found. It seems that Jade can find those objects by his own, but for the next task he needs your help. It is about his uncle dairy and another list of objects. Now its the real time for you two to unite your observational powers and solve the mystery around the lost aunt and uncle. Once you are done with that, you will get another list of objects, actually a new level that needs to be solved. And so one, youll be collecting hidden objects in few levels and after that, all those objects will be combined in order to make something bigger, like a boat maybe? We have revealed you enough from the story and now it will be up to you to solve the puzzles and move through the game, until you clear up the whole mystery.

    Game Instructions: You operate with the mouse for the game. You search the whole scene and once you spot an item, point at it with mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button. There will be levels where you will construct things and in that cases in order to move the objects from one place to another, you will have to click on the object and drag it to the wanted place while you are still keeping the finger on the left mouse button.


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    Treasure Island

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure | ForFun
    Played: 119,800
    Published on: 10.06.2013
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