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    Party Room
    Cmon fellows, the part may begin! This game concentrates around party rooms with so many toys in them, so many interesting objects, then cakes, drinks, decorations but dont waste your time staring around because your job in those rooms is particular. Lets see what this game is about.

    Game Walkthrough: Party rooms is a hidden object game, a traditional one. it includes three levels, three rooms, in which you have to look for hidden objects. you get a picture of the room full with all kinds of objects and under the picture you get five objects in a row. Those are the objects that need to be found, but they appear in different size in the picture. As you detect those objects, new objects appear until you find them all and their total number in each level is 10. For finishing this job you have 5 minutes available and if you dont manage to do that, the game is over. For every found item you earn points and you also get points from being fast and ending the level as quick as possible but your time will be reduced if you make a wrong move while youre playing or in case that you try to play the game making random moves. In that case you lose 20 seconds of your time, for every wrong move. Few moves like that and the game will be over for you. Also you cant use hints in the game. you have the option but you dont get actual help because the game leads you to another page and a forum where you may ask a question, but no one knows if you gona get your answer or when would you get it. Thats why its much better to rely on your own observational skills and finish the game faster.

    Game Instructions: May the game sounded really challenging from the previous text, but once youll start playing I, you will see that it isnt that hard. You play the game with the mouse once you spot an wanted item, point at it with the mouse and click on it with the left mouse button to select it.


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    Party Room

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    Genres: Cooking | ForFun
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    Published on: 13.06.2013
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    ShadowsGathered (5 years ago):
    I like hidden object games, but these items are way too small to be any fun looking for.