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    Picnic Time
    The weekend is here, and what is the best way to spend your weekend? Of course, going on a picnic, together with your family. Ok, perhaps it is little bit boring to organize the things and get all the needed things for the picnic, somehow people always think that they have forgotten something, and they are little bit stressed before they leave their home but after that, everything is forgotten after they leave their home. And picnics usually take place in some meadow, near a lake or a river or simply in the park, which means that you are close to the nature and able to breathe fresh air and enjoy the sun what more can a person wish!

    Game Walkthrough: Well you could take the following pictures as a continuing of the picnic because after you are done with it, you need to take care of the place and clean up all the mess that you have done, leaving the place exactly as it was before, which means without leaving any trash. You will get the pictures from the picnic, and under them there will be smaller pictures of 10 items, the items that need to be found in the main picture. Finding all of them in each level is a condition for moving into the next level. Yes, maybe there are numerous details and things in that picture so it looks hard to find anything but we are sure that you with your observational skills will manage to do that easily. You would need a better concentration and the objects will start to pop out from the picture. Your observational skills and concentration are also important because there is no hint available for the game, so everything is up to you. Your time given for finishing the game is unlimited but being fast in your moves is recommended like always because that way you could earn some extra points at the end of the game.

    Game Walkthrough: First thing you do is to look carefully into the wanted objects, remember them and start looking for them. Of course you can check out the list as many times as you wish, in order to recall your memory, but you save your time in case you have remembered most of them. Once you spot something in the main picture, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it using the left mouse button to select it. You can also play the game using your fingers on the touchpad, in case that you are playing on a laptop.


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    Picnic Time

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    Genres: Romance | ForFun
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    Published on: 19.06.2013
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    All comments (3)
    19racerlady (3 years ago):
    The feather is in the plate of meat in front.
    pinkie_swear12 (6 years ago):
    really?! whats up with the no hint buttons!? and where is the dang feather??
    idahaynes505 (8 years ago):
    i love game like this Wave  Wave

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