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    Here comes the Boom
    What could happen if a regular history teacher who is sweet but little bit chubby, decides to become a professional boxer in order to save some money for his friend, the music teacher, and save his greatest love that seems unproductively for the school board the school orchestra? Well this is one great movie that speaks about ambitions, love and real friendship, something that youll enjoy really, really much, but to introduce you little bit more with the plot, before you watch the actual movie, we have prepared you on great game that includes pictures from the movie, so while playing you will get to know the main things about this great teacher, and great boxer of course.

    Game Walkthrough: in those pictures youll be actually looking for some hidden letters. It is about the letters from the English alphabet and they are given in a list under the main picture. When you start the game, your time starts running and a condition for earning a lot of points is being very fast in your moves. As you detect those letters, they disappear from the list but also disappear from the picture so you have a great overview of what have you found. Also you can use hints in the game, just go on the hint button and it will tell you the exact place of some letter. For every found letter you earn 100 points but be careful not to make mistakes because with that you lose 50 points for each mistake.

    Game Instructions: The final thing that you need to learn before you start playing the game are the instructions and theres nothing complicated in this part. As we said before, you observe the whole scene and once you spot some letter, it is time for action you click on that letter using the left mouse button. We will tell you once again to be careful with the moves, be very precise because the speed of your acts would not be important if you lose all the time 50 points, for each wrong or random move. Have fun following the great adventures of this amazing teacher!


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    Here comes the Boom

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    Published on: 21.06.2013
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