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    Well perhaps there isnt a word toy room but you could guess what we were thinking a room full of toys, and what can be greater than that?? Toy room actually refers to childrens room and since kids know to be little bit spoiled, and leave their toys all around the room after theyve played with them, those rooms are usually in a real mess, and thats the hard par for the parents but however, with time every kid learn about his/her responsibilities. In our game seems that the kids didnt care so much about the mess but thats why we are looking for your help, if thats possible. Or lets formulate this better, please help us! ?

    Game Walkthrough: This is actually a cute and short game that includes three levels. As weve mentioned before, in each of these levels you will look for some toys that are hidden somewhere in the rooms. As you start the game you will notice that under the picture there is a list with pictures of the toys that need to be found in the main picture. Those objects are all in same size, but in the main picture they could be very bigger or very smaller, so it is easy not to recognize them, but if you play the game concentrated enough, everything will be fine. As you start, you see pictures of only six items, but as you find them, new items appear on their place, until you finish the whole level. Your time given for finishing each of the levels is five minutes and if you dont manage to handle that challenge, the game will be over for you. Also you cant use any hint for the game and be careful about the wrong moves or the random moves that you may do because each one of them will cost you 20 seconds from your time less and sometimes those 20 seconds could mean a lot!


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    Toy Room

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    Published on: 21.06.2013
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    patches48 (5 years ago):
    patches48 (5 years ago):
    not loading
    sandee.hargrove (6 years ago):
    Too short.