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    Nice Places
    You dont have to worry where this game takes place because each place in the game is very nice, and you will enjoy playing in that surrounding, or even be there if its possible. All pictures included in the game are so relaxing, but dont relax too much because your time is running Check out what this game is about.

    Game Walkthrough: It is about very interesting hidden object game, one of those that ask from you to show your potential multitasking abilities. The game has four levels and in each one of them there are three different tasks that need to be done. Or lets formulate like this - the tasks are same just that you need to pay attention to other things. In each level you will get a list of 10 objects that need to be found and that is something that is included in every other hidden object game, but wait, that is not all. Over the list of objects, there is a list of the numbers from 1 to 10, and that is also something that needs to be found. And plus, besides those two components, you need to look for 10 objects from one type (for example starfish, butterflies, ladybugs and books). And while you do that, you need to pay attention to the time. Its not that it is limited but being fast will give you chance to earn more points. Besides the time, make sure that you are precise in your moves because every wrong move or random move that you might make will cost you 10 points less. You can also use a hint but we will tell you right away this option cuts all the thrill of the game because with choosing it, you get the whole picture and the places of each wanted object, so you dont have to do nothing any more, just do what the hint says. However, if you choose not to use this option, know that you have little hint from us you may enter into the next level even if there are few numbers or objects from same type left, but you must find all other objects.

    Game Instructions: The instructions are real piece of cake. You observe the scene and once you spot an item, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it using the left mouse button. Good luck!


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    Nice Places

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    Published on: 26.06.2013
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