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    Monster University
    Who says that monsters dont go to school? Not just school, those monsters even study for university degree, so we could say that they are pretty smart Actually it is about the characters well known from the cartoon Monster Inc but maybe you cant recognize them because this is few years back, when Mike and Sulley were still at school and they weren't best friends yet.

    Game Walkthrough: And since monsters go to school, we might say that they do everything like us, just in their surroundings. You cant see a monster at your school but you can see a monster in monsters school, thats kind of normal. And monsters also have their favorite objects but unfortunately our monsters have lost few things in the rooms of the campus and they are asking you for some help. The game is consisted of three levels and in each level you have only 30 seconds for finding 8 objects that are hiding there. Over the main picture you can see small pictures of items, and actually those are the wanted items but they appear in different size in the main picture, so it might me little bit difficult to detect them, but actually that is the challenge. In case that your time runs away and you havent found all items, you will have to replay the level again, in order to enter into the next level. For every found item you get 100 points but making a mistake will cost you 50 points less. There are no hints available so its everything up to you in those 30 seconds.

    Game Instructions: The game is played with the mouse. You check out the items that need to be found and you look for them in the picture. Once you spot something, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button, but be precise in your move. Also you could use your fingers in case you have a laptop, and prefer to play on the touchpad.


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    Monster University

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    Genres: Adventure | ForFun
    Played: 78,396
    Published on: 28.06.2013
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    All comments (3)
    Diane (6 years ago):
    don't like that we can't enlarge picture, no hints, too crowded. not a great game.
    idahaynes505 (8 years ago):
    Sad  Sad  Sad
    idahaynes505 (8 years ago):
    they want u to this game all day so that why they shorten the time, the game ****s Sad