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    Yes, this game could be really classified as lifestyle because it includes so many things that take part of our everyday life, looking in numerous different aspects. There is not any particular theme for sure, but it is totally the opposite rooms full of items of many kinds and need for multitasking Lets check out what is this game about.

    Game Walkthrough: In this game you wont have any time for losing because you will so much occupied with searching, like in no other game. Finding some hidden objects is ok, but what if you have three kinds of objects that need to be found in a bunch of other numerous objects? Well this does not sound scary but it sounds as a great challenge! The game is divided into levels and in each level there will be plenty of items but you should concentrate three types of items numbers from 1 to 10, 10 coins and 10 objects that are given in a list that is positioned under the main picture. The numbers are regular numbers that could appear in any corner, in few different colors; the coins are not golden as usual but they are in silver white color; while you have just a silhouette of the actual objects and when you detect that object in the picture, the silhouette gets colored, and you know that you have finish with it. for each found item you get 100 points, you get 37 points for the numbers and 43 points for the coins, but with every possible mistake or random move, you lose 10 points. The time for playing is not limited but it is required to be faster because that way you may earn a lot of bonuses at the end of the level. About the hints, there is a hint option but you dont need that. It will take you to another site where you will get a picture with the positions of all the items revealed, which actually damages the excitement of playing.

    Game Instructions: The instructions are very easy you observe the whole scene and once you spot a number, a coin or an object, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you click on it with the left mouse button.


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    Global rating: 3.3/5 from 12 players.

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    Published on: 29.06.2013
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