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    Hidden Hills
    Well this is what we call a real challenge! You better drink a cup of coffee before you start the game because good concentration is more than recommended for playing this game. The game takes place somewhere in the hills but the location is totally irrelevant before that great challenge, but lets stop talking and see what is waiting for you in the game.

    Game Walkthrough: You start the game with limited number of clicks but whit a lot of tasks that need to be done, and a lot of objects that need to be found, divided in groups. So you have 30 stars, 20 puzzles, 10 notes, 25 eggs, 30 hearts, and numbers from 1 to 10. You probably ask yourself how could you find so many items with just 30 clicks, and that is the part where your mathematics and logic should start working. When you finish with each group of objects, you get 20 more clicks so you should calculate which objects to start with, in order to have enough clicks in the next round. You dont have to even think about making mistakes or random moves because in that case your total previous success is not worth any. The game does not have time limitation and that is fair enough because you need to think all the time while playing and focus well because the objects are also quite small. On other hand, there is no chance for using hints, so its all up to you.

    Game Instructions: The instructions is the easiest part, compared to all that counting, planning and observing. We have already revealed you that it would be about clicking so you observe the scene and once you find wanted item, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button, but be as precise as you could, because you know the story about the limited clicks. The games does not have any point if you make wrong clicks, because even if you find all objects from one group, you will be always in lack for the other groups.


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    Hidden Hills

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    Genres: ForFun
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    Published on: 29.06.2013
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    patches48 (4 years ago):
    it was agood game but don't like the click issue.get rid of them and it will be even a better game