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    Road Trip
    Going on a regular holiday, near water or on a mountain, sleeping in a hotel and everything is great and relaxing in any case, but what about excitement? People that love adventures usually decide to spend their holidays on some less predictable place, planning their routs on their own. And one option for unusual holiday is going on a road trip. That means that you need a will to travel a lot, a car, friends and a map, to know where to go, and thats it. Interesting about those trips is that you could be everyday on a different place and probably you will sleep in the car or maybe go camping in some place. Hotels are option too, but people that enjoy adventures usually go for something else.

    Game Walkthrough: And since our game also takes you on one interesting road trip, be prepared for a great adventure. We are talking about regular hidden object game that this time demonstrates many segments of the path of one road trip. Youll be visiting interesting historical places, but also some old houses and buildings. The trip also includes getting into different markets and buying products that will be needed for the day, but also visiting some local caf bars. We assure you that this will be very interesting trip and you would have a great fun, and to make your trip even more interesting, we have included a task that follows those places searching for some hidden objects. Every level is a different picture from your trip and in each one of them you should look for 10 hidden objects. Under the main picture there is a list of the objects, you need to find all of them in order to advance in the game and get into the next level. As you find the items, they disappear from the list, so you always know which objects are left for detecting. The time in the game is not limited but you better be fast, to earn a lot of points. The game also does not include using hints, but we are sure that you will manage to handle, thanks to your observational skills.

    Game Instructions: Youll be playing the game with the mouse. You observe the scene and once you spot an item, point at it with the mouse cursor and click over it using the left mouse button. Try to be precise and dont make any wrong moves.


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    Road Trip

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 02.07.2013
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    BluAngel (2 years ago):
    Fantastic game! 9-22-2019
    idahaynes505 (8 years ago):
    Cool  Cool
    admin (8 years ago):
    Hi leblancs, You don't need to do anything. Just Start The Game, If your browser is freezing, just click on refresh button. We are testing all games before upload and publishing. Everything is alright with the game.  If you have more issues please write or "Report The Game" - link is above the game where "tell a friend" and stars are.
    leblancs (8 years ago):
    I can't play this game when I click on Start Game nothing happens.  It happens with all the Hidden4fun games. Do I need to download something to make Hidden4fun games to work

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