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    Hidden Alphabet 7
    A, b, c, dperhaps you already know the English alphabet, and the purpose of that is making English words and sentences but this time it will serve us just like an instrument for practicing observational skills, and after you are done with this game, believe that your power of noticing things will be definitely better.

    Game Walkthrough: So what is the point of this game? The game includes challenging levels in which you will have to find the letters from the alphabet. You get the whole picture and under that picture are the letters. You know those letters but this list is given for better preview of your work since the letter disappears from the picture when you find it, but it also disappears from the list, so you know what is left for searching. At first you may think that the game is a piece of cake, since when you start many letters appear before your eyes, but they are just the biggest of them. Besides those letters there are many smaller letters that are so well hidden that youll have to sweat a little, but nothing is impossible. You have to concentrate better and you will see that the objects will start appearing one by one. In every level you have to find all the letters from the alphabet and try to be fast in order to earn a lot of points at the end of the game. The game does not allow using hints, so its everything up to you.

    Game Instructions: And finally the instructions for playing. You observe the scene and once you spot a number, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it using the left mouse button. The cursor is actually a loop that increases the objects so you will be able to see things better.


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    Hidden Alphabet 7

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    Published on: 05.07.2013
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