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    Sneakys Trip to Chicago
    Lets prepare for another trip with Sneaky. This time he is taking you to Chicago the place with 40 museums, more than 150 theaters and over 6,000 restaurants. Besides this, the city owns the biggest library in the world with more than 2 million books. The name Chicago comes from an Algonquin word 'Chigagou,'which means 'onion field', and actually there were a lot of onions on the fields where the city was developed so the name of the city is self-explanatory.

    Game Walkthrough: This interesting game includes various pictures taken on the streets of Chicago. You will see that it is quite busy on those streets, they are full of people and different monuments and building, but you have to concentrate on finding particular objects that are hiding on those streets. And expect your challenge to be very high in this game since in the first level you would need to look for 5 objects of 5 different kinds like 5 yellow start, 5 baseballs, 5 crystals, 5 white doves, 5 apples. Those objects are very, very small on the picture but thats why you get an option for using hint and that is not a direct hint that will reveal you the missing objects but a loop that will help you see the things better. As you start the game, the time starts running and you have unlimited time available, but it is recommended to be fast and precise in your moves because that is condition for earning a lot of bonus points at the end of the game. On other hand, every mistake adds 5 seconds to your time and decreases the chances for bonuses. In the game it is recommended to find all objects but you could move on if you have only few objects left. Just select skip and your current score will be calculated, and you will move on in the next level. This option could be used if you only have few objects left, not in any case. In case that you havent found a lot of objects, the game will calculate the points and it will end up.

    Game Walkthrough: This game is played with a help of the mouse.You look at the scene and once you spot an object, point at it with the mouse and click on it with the left mouse button. Its the same procedure in case you are playing with activated loop.


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    Sneakys Trip to Chicago

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    Published on: 08.07.2013
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