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    Magic Portal
    You are probably wondering what will happen in case that you walk through a magic portal and you will see that in the following game. Untouched nature, unicorns running around, pink sky of diamonds, that is just one part of the objects that could be found thereand all of that covered with a spirit of magic and trill that follows the unknown. But lets dont leave anything to be unknown, just few clicks are keeping us apart from this adventure, lets start it!

    Game Walkthrough: Magic Portal is one interesting fantasy hidden object game. We are sure that girls will especially love this game which doesnt mean that it wont be interesting for the boys too. The game is divided into levels and in every level you get a different picture from some distant fantasy place. In every level you have three minutes available to find 10 hidden objects and with that you are moving into the next level. The selection of objects is very interesting in this game, since youll be looking for diamonds, necklaces, magic hearts, rings and stuff like that. The number of levels is 4 and the final level is actually the magic portal, you will know that you are there when youll see the unicorn standing in front of a big gate. The objects that are included in the game may be little bit small but we are sure that you, with your strong observational skills, will manage to find all items without any difficulty. In case that you cant see your way out from some points, you have three chances for using hint in all levels, so use them smart.

    Game Walkthrough: The instructions for playing wont cause you headache, believe us, since they are very, very easy. You observe the whole scene and once you spot an item, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it using the left mouse button there is nothing complicated about that. To warn you one more time that the time given for playing is limited, you have only three minutes, so try to finish everything in that limit, because you will lose the game in case that you wont manage that.


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    Magic Portal

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    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 62,777
    Published on: 12.07.2013
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    Scoot (3 years ago):
    I agree   Need to be enlarged
    slimjim (4 years ago):
    Nice game to bad you can't enlarge it to help see things better