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    Find Numbers Challenge 30
    Welcome to this hair salon, would you like to wash your hair first? Noo, we are not here for that, the rooms of this modern designed hair salon will be just an environment where our objects will be hidden and since they are hidden pretty well, you would need to apply your skills for noticing things and details, together with your fast reactions and go through the game. It is ok to start the game will developed observational skills but we assure you that you will also train them well after this game and you will become capable to notice even the smallest detail that surrounds you.

    Game Walkthrough: And since the environment chosen for this game is a hair salon, the objects that should be looked for are numbers from 1 to 25. You know those numbers for sure but however, for better preview you have them given on the right side of the picture. As you start the game, the time start running and you should insist on being fast in finding all numbers, in order to get a lot of bonuses at the end of each level. Besides the bonuses you earn 100 points with every found number but you also lose 100 points in case that you make a mistake while searching. Hints are not available for this game which means that it is all up to you and your observational skills. One tricky thing about this game is that the found numbers disappear from the list but they dont disappear from the picture so you should be prepared all the time, to look at both the picture and the list, in order to avoid making mistakes, and losing points aimlessly.

    Game Walkthrough: We will play this game with the mouse and the instructions are not hard at all, just that you need to be quite precise. You observe the whole scene and once you spot a number, you point it with the mouse cursor and you click on it with the left mouse button, easy as that.Now you may start playing, we are cheering for your highest score!


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    Find Numbers Challenge 30

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    Published on: 13.07.2013
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