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    Hidden Alphabet 5
    Well dear friends, it is time for some observational skills training.Did you know that hidden object games are really good for that purpose? You may think that you are just playing but with every new game your sight becomes even sharper and your power for noticing things also increases. The following game wont distract you with some not useful facts and thats why the objects are actually not objects but letters. And not to waste time on too much talking, lets get to the point faster.

    Game Walkthrough: In this game youll be looking for the letters of the English alphabet. We are sure that you know those letters but for a better preview of the whole situation of playing, you have a list of those letters under the main picture. Each level is actually a picture of some room but you dont need to pay attention on that because the important thing of the game is noticing the letters. As you detect the letters they disappear from list, but they also disappear from the main picture, and you are always sure how much letters are there left. The time for playing is not limited but it is recommended to find all the letters as fast as you could, so you could enter into the next level with a lot of points. The game does not give hints. You may think that there is an option, since it is written hint in one place of the menu, but it actually leads you to some other game, where you wont get anything.

    Game Walkthrough: This game could be played with a mouse or with fingers, in case that you play on the touchpad of the laptop. As you move with the cursor over the picture, you actually move a loop that increases the objects that are given in each level so you could see things better. Once you spot some of the letters that could appear in every color and size just click on it with the left mouse button, or tap on it with your finger.Finding all letters is a condition for moving into the next level.


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    Hidden Alphabet 5

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    Published on: 16.07.2013
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