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    Barn Yarn
    Welcome to the farm our dear friend! The winter is near which means that you should take some extra care so your animals should be all right. The harvest, the chickens and the cow, it all fits there in the barn, but however you need to get some furniture, to make the conditions even better, so everyone could enjoy during the winter. This barn needs some recovery, but what if you dont have enough money? Well thats when the actual play starts, what do you think about a yard sale?

    Game Walkthrough: So this is the point when the game turns into a hidden object game. In order to gain some money, you will sale some objects from the house to your costumers. You will get a picture from some room and on the left side from the picture; you get your costumers together with their wishes. They like to buy something and you need to find that particular object in the picture for which you will get some money. When you serve all your costumers, you will complete the whole level. There are some things that should be taken in mind when you look for those objects. First thing that you need to know is that as fast as you detect some objects, as many points you will get. The value of each object becomes smaller as the time runs away. In each level you could use 3 hints but if you finish the level without using them, you will get some extra points at the end of the level. That is the point of each level in the game and with the money you will be able to buy some furniture for the barn or simply renovate some part of it. Also know that besides the objects you could also find some butterflies in the levels which are actually options for using hints.

    Game Instructions: In this game it is important to follow the instructions that you will get from this farmer, in order to know what to do next. The rules of playing are very simple on other hand, once you spot an item, or a butterfly, simply point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button, to select it. After you have found some item, coins appear on its place on the list so click on those coins too, they go in the case and you get new object on their place.


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    Barn Yarn

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 24.07.2013
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    mott (4 years ago):
    cannot play this game. loads but will not let me continue

    mott (4 years ago):
    cannot play this game.  will not let you continue