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    In this fast time of living it seems that people could not possibly have time for reading but that is so wrong. Maybe the internet on the whole gives us knowledge about everything, but the books are still the gadget that could widen our knowledge, and could not be experts about anything if we havent read any single book about that subject. And what about belletristic? The pleasure that reading a book gives us is irreplaceable! It is not just about reading adventures about someone but it is more about the spirit adventure that books give us, it raises it to some new level that movies or television could not ever possibly achieve! And the character that will lead you through this game is actually one of those persons that enjoy reading. And thats why he has a house full of rooms with books. Lets visit this house.

    Game Walkthrough: As we said, the following game takes place in one house that has numerous books. Those books are divided in the rooms and every room is a different level. The game includes a total of 5 levels and in those levels your task will be to look for the hidden objects. Each level hides 10 objects and those objects could be seen on the list that is positioned under the main picture. As you notice the objects in the picture and you select them, they disappear from the list, so you have a preview of your achievements. If the game seems little bit hard for you, dont count on getting some hint because this game does not allow that. In that case we suggest you to open your eyes better and concentrate better at the same time, and you will get to the end of the game without any troubles.

    Game Instructions: As you may realize, the plot of this game is simple and clear and that goes for your tasks too. The instructions for playing wont cause you any troubles as well. The objects are on the list under the main picture, so start looking for them. When you see some of the wanted objects, point at that object using the mouse and click on it with the left mouse button, in order to select it. The time for playing the game is not limited but try to be faster in your moves because that way you will earn a lot of points but also the pleasure of knowing that your observational skills are really developed.


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    My Home Library

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    Published on: 25.07.2013
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