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    Lisas Late for Work
    People that go to work, even if they are doing that every day, seems like they are always late in the morning, or at least they are always in a hurry. And that goes for our Lisa too, or lets say, that goes particularly for our Lisa since she is doing everything in last moment! This morning she woke up on time, butcheck out in the following game what happened.

    Game Walkthrough: Today is first day at work for Lisa. As a person she is always late for somewhere but today he has a huge responsibility, her career depends of whether shell be late or not! Before she goes at the office, she needs to prepare herself but it seems like everything is not on its place in her house. Shoes on one side, necklaces on other side, her comb who knows where iswow, its a real mess! But thats why she has you to help her in her search. The game is consisted of levels and in order to pass each level, you need to find a certain number of objects that are hiding there. On the right side of the picture, you can see the list of wanted objects and you have only 90 seconds available for finishing your task. If you dont manage to do that, the game is over. But after Lisa is ready for work, she needs to manage with the traffic too. Since it is her first day, she doesnt know the way well so she would need a little help for that too. You have 150 seconds to find all the hidden objects that will appear on her way to work. We recommend you to concentrate good on your tasks and finish them precisely because if you are fooling around, Lisa will be late for work, she will lose her job and you will lose the game. Good luck!

    Game Instructions: The instructions for playing are very simple. Just get the mouse in your hand and start observing the scene. Once you see an object from the list, point at the object with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button to select it. finishing faster means earning a lot of points.


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    Lisas Late for Work

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    Published on: 27.07.2013
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