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    Find the Numbers 18
    Well this is one very interesting but at the same time very useful game. Yes, youll be spending some leisure time playing it but there are two components that should be learned and practiced while you do that. The action of the game is placed in various rooms but there is one thing that related those rooms they are all full of musical instruments, so while you are playing, youll be able to learn something about them. The other part is training your observational skills which is also very important and will help you notice details in real life too. So, you feel prepared to start playing?

    Game Walkthrough: As weve mentioned above, your task in this game is to find some hidden objects. Actually it is about the numbers from 1 to 25. You probably know those numbers and you are able to recognize them, but for a better preview of your game-play, you have them listed on the right side from the main picture. As you detect those numbers they will disappear from the list but they would not disappear from the main picture, and that is actually the component that makes this game little bit tricky since you should always be aware about the numbers that are left from the list. We are telling you that because during the game you will get 100 points for every found number but also you will lose 100 points with every made mistake. You dont have time limitation in the game but when you start the time starts running and if you are fast in your moves, you will get some extra points at the end of each level. The game does not give chances for using hints.

    Game Instructions: And just few more seconds before you start playing the instructions. They are very easy to learn and concrete. You observe the whole scene and once you spot some of the wanted numbers, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you click on it using the left mouse button. We will warn you once again, exclude random moves from your play because they decrease your score and be careful about doing wrong moves.


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    Find the Numbers 18

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    Published on: 27.07.2013
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