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    Exploring Lanas Town
    Lana lived in a very nice surrounding, in one very interesting place and now she likes to show you the place of her living. She will take you to this nice trip and show you every corner of her town. Your trip starts with the windmill, the place where she used to come with her grandfather when she was young. He was telling her stories about this place and she listened to them with a lot of attention. The next place that is very important for Lana is her cousins house where she used to come also often, drinking coffee in the yard. In Lanas town there is also one castle. As the legends say, there lived a boy that had some strange powers; he was able to cure people from illness using his power. There is also one nice library with numerous books that feeds the appetites of the hungry readers. The last object from this town that brings memories to Lana is the history museum, the place where she learned a lot of things.

    Game Walkthrough: So you are asking yourself why was Lana telling you those things about her town? Well as we said, youll be going on a tour through this town together with Lana but not just a tour you need a task to find all the items that are hiding on those place. There are five different places, actually five levels in which you need to find 10 objects in each. The wanted objects are given on the toolbar, you can see them under the main picture, and as you detect them, they disappear from the list. There is no hint available for the game so you should do everything by your own. Also you dont have any time limitation, but finishing fast means earning a lot of points, thats for sure.

    Game Instructions: And just check out the instructions and you are free to take that visit. So, you observe each scene looking for the objects given in the toolbar. Once you spot some of those items, point at it with the mouse cursor and then just click on it using the left mouse button and thats it. Be careful and dont make mistake because that way youll be faster and you will earn more points as well. Since you know everything about the town and the instructions for playing, you may start the game. Good luck and have a nice time there.


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    Exploring Lanas Town

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 29.07.2013
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