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    Modern Restaurant
    Restaurants are not just places where you eat you food but they are something more than that. Of course, the delicious meal is on the first place but great environment is something that makes the meal even better. The modern restaurants especially take care of this aspect because people have rethought the idea of having lunch or dinner into big enjoyment, related to their lifestyle. In the following game perhaps we wont have the chance to enjoy a meal but we could see few wonderfully decorated restaurants that will raise our appetites in a minute.

    Game Walkthrough: Modern restaurant is a hidden object game that takes place in different rooms of restaurants but in every room you have the same job to do - to detect all the objects that are hidden there. You get a picture from the restaurant and above that picture there is a taskbar with a list of the objects that need to be found in the picture. The time given for finishing the level, for discovering all 10 items, is 5 minutes but in case that you dont manage to do that, the game will be over for you. Be careful about every move that you make because mistakes are not allowed in the game. Or you could make a mistake but each mistake will cost you 20 seconds from your time which decreases the chances for finishing the level, and finishing the game as well. the game does not give you any hint for your play but we are sure that you wont have any problem since we are sure that your observational skills are trained to perfection in all this time enjoying out web site.

    Game Instructions: The instructions are the final thing that will keep you apart from starting the game but just check them out for few seconds and you may start. The game will be played with help of the mouse. You observe the whole scene, looking for the objects that are given on the list and once you spot some of those items, point at it using the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button to select it. The game could be also played with fingers, in case that you have a laptop and you use the touchpad.


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    Modern Restaurant

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    Published on: 09.08.2013
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