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    Rose Land
    Have you ever visited the Rose Island? Once you step there, you will realize why this place has a name like this because there are numerous roses there. They are spread in every corner, in every spot of the land, literary, and it is a real heaven for everyone that likes this flower since there are roses everywhere. But besides the enjoyment, there will be a challenge included in the game that will open up your senses. Lets check out what is it about.

    Game Walkthrough: We could say that this game is for those with sharp observational skills and are able to differ various shades of the colors, but also for the ones that like to deal with a lot of numerous details. The game includes three levels but dont think that that this is not enough because it may happen for you to replay each level many times before you pass it. For every level you have 1 minute and 30 seconds and in that time period you need to detect the ten roses that are given in the list that is positioned over the main scene. The trouble in this game is that the time is short, and there are so many flowers that it is a real challenge to detect the right ones since they are all in similar colors and since they are all roses, their shapes are similar too. Another aspect that makes the game difficult is the fact that you cant make mistakes. Or you can make mistakes but for each mistake you lose 10 seconds from your time and 10 seconds mean a lot since your total time is minute and a half.

    Game Instructions: First thing you need to do as you start this game is to open your eyes well since there are so many details that should be taken in mind. Try to remember well the shapes and the shades and start looking for the particular roses. Once you spot some of them, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button and thats all. There are no hints available for this game so it is everything up to you and your skills. Enjoy your stay in the Rose Island.


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    Rose Land

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    Published on: 09.08.2013
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