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    Tropical Island
    Hm, well this sounds like a big adventure a tropical island! What to expect there? Most important, rain forests. A large diversity of animals live in rainforests, many birds, snakes, insects, jaguars, cougars, chameleons, turtles, frogs, and a lot of more, but still there are even more animals, waiting to be discovered. Tropical islands are located a lot of areas close to the equator including Asia, Africa, Central America and the Pacific Islands.

    Game Walkthrough: And now, we are going to visit one of those islands and have a nice, detailed walk there, exploring its beauties. But our stay there wont be just for pure watching because we have a job to do and our job is to detect the objects that are hidden on this island. First thing you should do as you step on this island is to check out the inventory list. You could see this list as a taskbar, under the main picture. Those are the objects that you should look for and for doing that, you have a total of 3 minutes. Finding all items will lead you into the next level (out of four) but on other hand, in case that you dont manage to do that, the game will be over. However, we are not so rigorous; dont get scared from the beginning. Every level gives you three chances for using a hint so we are pretty sure that your observational skills and our little help will help you go through the game and get to the final point, finishing it with a great score. Dont forget to pay attention of the whole surroundings since there is a very nice and unique nature. Have fun on this wonderful island.

    Game Instructions: Before you start, just pay attention to the instructions for playing and we may start the game. So, you have those objects listed and once you spot some of them on the picture, you simply point at the object with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button, to select it. Since the whole game is based on those rules, you wont have any problems to play it well.


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    Tropical Island

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    Genres: Adventure | ForFun
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    Published on: 13.08.2013
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