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    Vintage House
    Old houses definitely have some special charm but it is the same with the one that perhaps are not so old but they are having a vintage decoration. Since old items have some special spirit keeping, it seems like we feel that spirit while using them as a part of our everyday life which could be very interesting and inspiring. The following game includes some pictures of vintage houses with many different old objects but you should ignore the most of them and go just for particular ones.Lets start from the beginning.

    Game Walkthrough: It is about a hidden object game in which you have to look for the ten objects that are given on a list. This list can be seen under the main picture and as you detect those objects, they disappear from the list. Finding all objects will lead you into the next level and so on. Besides this, you have to pay attention of the available time for playing. For each level you get one minute and in that time you have to complete you work or otherwise you will lose the game. Another thing that is quite important is your moves. For each found item you earn 100 points but what time you make a mistake, you lose 50 points for each mistake, so lets say that it is ok to make some mistakes but have in mind that if they are too much, you may finish with no points at all. Another point that makes this game more challenging is that it is all up to you and you cant use any hint while playing.

    Game Instructions: The game can be played with help of the mouse or you can simply use your fingers in case you are having a laptop and you decide to play on the touchpad. You observe the whole scene and once you spot some of the wanted items, you point at it with the mouse cursor (finger) and you click (tap) on it to select it. Be especially careful your moves to be precise because you may end up the game without points and no score.


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    Vintage House

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    Genres: Adventure | ForFun
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    Published on: 16.08.2013
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    patches48 (5 years ago):
    the time on this is too short,i hate these timer ones please take off the timer