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    Horrible Place
    See yourself in some old abandoned house where there is only spider webs and mice, a lot of dust and other scary sights It seems like a vampire will come out from some corner in every moment. Ok, those places may look little bit scary at first sight but we are sure that you will manage to handle them in order to complete those levels.

    Game Walkthrough: This nice game will definitely challenge your concentration and condition for staying like that for a longer period since this incredible game includes 45 levels. In each of those levels you have same task to accomplish, to find five particular hidden objects. As you open a level you get a list of five objects on the left side of the picture. The size of those objects could be different in the main picture but it wont be a problem to find them, we are sure. As you detect these items, they disappear from the list until you find them all and you complete the level. For every detected item you get 25 points but in case that you make some kind of a mistake, you lose 5 points for every wrong move. The time for playing is not limited but you should be aware that if you manage to finish faster, you get some extra points at the end for each level, and technically you get a greater score. Also you could use hints. There is one button where its written reveal, just wait for this button to become full and use it. The button empties after each use and once its full again, you could use it again.

    Game Instructions: And just the instructions and you may start playing. You observe the whole scene, having in mind the wanted items, and once you spot some of them, you simply point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it to select it. Same goes in case that you are playing on the touchpad of the laptop, just point with your finger and tap to select it. We could tell you that if you manage to finish this game, that would be a big prove about your great concentration.


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    Horrible Place

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    Genres: Scary | ForFun
    Played: 127,668
    Published on: 16.08.2013
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