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    Postal Delivery
    Have you ever thought about the normal working day of a postal delivery worker? Are you curious to see what they do,how they deliver the mail and what kind of adventures they have on the road? I invite you to enter into this game and experience the life of a postal worker.

    Game Walkthrough: And here we are at this beautiful village, standing together with the postman. Ok, you will not see his face, but have in mind that he is right next to you. The task you will have is to help him to deliver all the letters, small packages and everything else that is in postmans bag. What is more important is that you have to find all the hidden items listed at the bottom of the screen. The first place you must go is a yellow old house surrounded with green trees. This is really nice place, but we cannot stay long here, because we have a job to do. The second location is the beautiful flower shop; after that we will go into the old village house where we can see people making wineThe trip continues to the gift shop, and the last place to go is the coffee shop. Now we can take a sit, have a nice talk and a cup of coffee with the postman.

    Game Instructions: This is one of those regular hidden games where the game-play is well known: see the items listed at the bottom side, read them one by one and try to find each one of them in the screen. At the moment you notice one of the required items, juts click on it with the left mouse button. This will make the item disappear from the list below. Continue searching the rest of the items. And dont forget to have fun!


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    Postal Delivery

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    Published on: 23.08.2013
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