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    Hiddenmania Two
    Ok, hidden object games could have a story that will guide you from one situation to another but in this one the story is not important since we have a lot of job to do. This game will challenge your observational skills in the real sense of the word since there are so many objects that need to be found.

    Game Walkthrough: First thing that you have to do as you start the game is to choose whether you like to see the wanted objects as pictures, or as words. Once you are done with that, as you start the game you get a picture with so many objects on it but you have to focus just on the ones that are wanted. There are three types of objects that should be looked for real objects, the letters of the word hiddenmania and 10 gold coins. Actually just the real objects are required for finishing the level and you get 100 points for each one of them, while the letters and the coins will give you some extra points. If you go for a bigger score, we recommend you to look for the coins and the letters first and then find the objects because when you are done with the objects, you go into the next level, no matter how many letters or coins are there left. Making a mistake or a wrong random move will cost you 10 points less for each one. You will see under the menu that there is an option for using help and that help goes for the all the objects. This option actually gives you a picture of the same scene and all wanted objects are circled. This is very helpful, or lets say too much helpful since you have no chance to train your observational skills if you go for this option. We recommend you to do everything by your own.

    Game Instructions: Dont worry about the instructions for playing because they are quite easy. You observe the whole scene and when you detect some of the wanted objects, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you click on it with the left mouse button, to select the object.


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    Hiddenmania Two

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    Published on: 23.08.2013
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    Parian00 (4 years ago):
    I just love the Hidden Object Games. I've noticed that they help to notice more in my reality environment.
    Thank you for these games.