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    Shopping Frenzy
    It is time for shopping! There is a great sale in the shops so it is the perfect time for every shopaholic, to go out and enjoy the shopping fever. Sometimes those shopping-s are planned, and we go out with a list of the needed things, but sometimes we simply relax, and enjoy spending money.

    Game Walkthrough: So lets start this interesting game that is based exactly on shopping. You are in this big shopping mall, full of amazing shops and we are sure that you would like to buy everything that you see there but you know that this is not possible so you better concentrate on your task. And your task in this game is to find the particular items that are given on a list, if you like to pass a level. In most of the levels the number of items will be six, but they could also be more since there are 8 levels in total. The time for finding those items is limited, you have a click and you should follow the arrows. Once they make a whole circle, that means that you dont have any time left and the game will be over, in case that you havent found all the items. The game will be up to you in the most part since you have only one chance for using hints in each level. And like in every other game, finishing the levels as fast as possible, without making any mistakes, is a condition for earning a lot of points and getting a higher score.

    Game Instructions: The instructions for playing this game are very simple. You need to look carefully the wanted objects, since you only have their silhouettes given, and start looking for them in the picture. Once you spot one, you simply point at it with the mouse cursor and you click on it with the left mouse button, to select it. Try to avoid making mistakes because every mistake decreases your time, so you could lose the game just because of that. How you better hurry because those shops may close.


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    Shopping Frenzy

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    Published on: 30.08.2013
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    lovely (7 years ago):
    disgusting game i ever played