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    Mmm, the first day at school is a day that brings us special trill! We all like to wear our best clothes, to look great, but at the same time not to forget to bring everything that is important for school. On other hand, it was summer till yesterday which means that we are all very relaxed and it could be little bit difficult to shift our brains from having fun to studying but that is something that must be done, no matter what.

    Game Walkthrough: This cute game simulates the first day at school, or more exactly, the process of preparing before going to school. First this that is usually done is packing the bag for school, filling it with all necessary things like pens, pencils, notebooks, crayons, calculators and other similar things. After that, it is time to prepare the lunch bag, making a nice combination from foods and you are ready to go. But we all know how it is in those school days. Always there is someone that likes to make fun of us by hiding our properties, and in this case it is about those kids in the school bus who will be hiding from you your things. Its a terrible thing to do but we have to deal with it. So in all those three situations, three levels actually, you will be looking for hidden objects. You have the list of objects under the main picture and you have 90 seconds in every level for finding them, so you could continue with the game. Know that sometimes those objects wont be so obvious and it could happen for them to be hidden behind some other object or behind some locked doorand while you do all of that, there wont be any hint available.

    Game Instructions: The final part are the instructions for playing. One easy circumstance is that as you pass over the items with the mouse cursor, it turns into a small hand when you spot some of the wanted items, so at that moment you have to click over it with the left mouse button and you will select it. it goes the same for those objects that are hiding items, you simply click on them and they will open.


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    Pack for School

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    Published on: 30.08.2013
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