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    African Diamond
    Many of us think about the animals when they hear about Africa and those safaris or something like that but if we think just a little bit deeper, Africa is much more than that since its about a huge country that covers nearly 31 million square meters, divided into 40 smaller countries. The population in Africa speaks on more than 800 languages and dialects but only 10 of those languages are spoken from groups larger than million people. Besides those things, Africa also have an amazing culture since besides the music they have very rich tradition of arts and crafts expressed in a variety of woodcarvings, brass and leather art works. African arts and crafts also consist of sculpture, paintings, pottery, ceremonial and religious headgear and dress and not to forget that personal appearance and jewelry has remained an important personal accessory. Africans also have masks as an important part from their culture. They are used in a range of ceremonies describing ancestors and spirits, mythological characters and deities. And not just this, what about an African diamonds? Maybe they are not so typical but sounds like something interesting for sure

    Game Walkthrough: This game will take you on a small journey through Africa. You will be able to see what we were talking about but besides that, you have a very important task to do and that is finding the diamonds. The game includes 5 levels and in each of those levels you have to look for some objects that are hiding there and you need to find all of them. That is actually a condition for moving into the next level. Those objects are certain African artifacts for most but also the first four levels include one smaller diamond that needs to be found. The big diamond is in the last level but you will have to give a certain effort to get to that point. The game does not give you any hint, so it is up to you to deal with this African situation.

    Game Instructions: You dont have to worry about the instructions for playing because they are not complicated at all. You observe the whole scene and once you spot some of the wanted items, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you click on it in order to select it. Being fast and precise in your moves is a condition for finishing the game with great successes and of course, with a great score.


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    African Diamond

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 05.09.2013
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    19racerlady (3 months ago):
    What alternative do we have for Adobe Flash being discontinued, and now your games are UNPLAYABLE?????
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    Mimma (5 years ago):
    Thank you very much for this funny game
    idahaynes505 (7 years ago):
    Wink  Wink  Wink

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