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    Emilys Amnesia 2
    Have you already met Emily? She is a very nice girl but the problem is that unfortunately she has lost her memory when she felt down while riding a bicycle. She remembers that a dog came out while she was still on her bike, it scared her and she was lying on the ground and soon she lost her conscious. When she woke up she couldnt remember a single thing about her life. There was only one wallet with her address that leaded her in one house. Besides the wallet she found one small piece of paper, like a letter, in which there was a note from her husband, wishing her to have a nice time riding Emily is desperately trying to do something, or to find something that will bring her memory back but seems that she doesnt have that luck yet. Perhaps a visit of that house will make her remember things

    Game Walkthrough: The game takes place in the house and you together with Emily, will search every corner of that house in order to find something useful. The action starts with the living room, and you need to find all the items that are given in the toolbar that is positioned under the main scene. Their number is 10 and finding them all is a condition for moving into the next level. To be detailed in the search, you need to open every drawer as well because maybe there is something helpful, like photos for example Emily seems to be scared of the whole situation so she decides to go to the hospital and ask for some help. However, the streets seem very scary since she feels like she is here for the first time and she cant get along that good. Near, there is the one coffee bar and Emily decides to go there too. Seems that the waitress knows her, and he is saying hi to her husband. Emily decides that she must go to the hospital and she is looking for your help to find it. There is the part when you get a puzzle that need to be solved. The map to the hospital is broken into pieces, and you need to find their right place. The action continues like that and beside those types of games you will find a spot the difference type of game so you will have very interesting gaming experience.

    Game Instructions: The game is played with help of the mouse. You observe the scene and once you spot an object, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you click on it to select it. for moving those pieces of the puzzle, you click on the puzzle and you drag the piece to its place while you are still keeping the left button.


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    Emilys Amnesia 2

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    Genres: Mystery | Romance
    Played: 340,372
    Published on: 12.09.2013
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    jackfrost (2 years ago):
    19racerlady (4 years ago):
    fun game..
    bobby1 (5 years ago):
    boo boo another spanish ad  what happend to english
    leblancs (8 years ago):
    I have always played the hidden4fun games but now I cannot get pass continue or if when the game opens not everything is their.  Do I need to download something.

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