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    Hidden Master 9
    Yes, we know that you find those hidden object games very interesting but from time to time you want to take a bigger bite. Thats why we include those hidden master series that ask from you to apply some logics and mathematics, besides the regular use of your observational skills. Even if those skills are not your best side, this game would be very nice chance to train them to perfection, of course if you dedicate totally to this game and get to its end.

    Game Walkthrough: In the game you will watch beautiful paintings as basis for your game-play. However, those paintings are not related between each other and they are just a tool for placing those hidden objects. The game starts with 15000 points and 30 clicks on hand, actually 30 moves that may possibly be made. The time for playing is not limited but as you start, you will see that your score decreases so you better be fast in your detection if you like to make a higher score. However, recommending you to be fast does not mean that it is allowed to go forward without thinking since this game includes a lot of calculations. You are probably asking yourself how could I find 125 items when I have just 30 clicks available. The thing is that after you are finished with all items from one group, you get 20 clicks bonus. The hardest part of the game is to calculate the order of detecting the objects so you could always have enough clicks to get to the final point of the game. You could begin the game with the 20 puzzles and after youve found them, you have 10 clicks left and plus 20 clicks bonus. Then you could go on with 25 moons, and after you detect them, you have 5 clicks plus those 20 bonus clicks. The game could be continued with 10 numbers and so youll be left with 15 clicks and plus those 20, it will be 35 clicks There is not space for making mistakes in the game because every click is reserved for a certain item.

    Game Instructions: You actually learned the instructions already. You study the painting and what time you detect an object, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you click on it to pick it. To win the game, collect all the items.


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    Hidden Master 9

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    Published on: 13.09.2013
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    bobby1 (4 years ago):
    i rate this game a big fat nothing for nothing
    bob66 (5 years ago):
    i just downloaded the latest adobe flashe player WHY ARE THEY ASKING ME TO LOAD IT AGAIN makes me wonder what they want it again for i am not stupid i rate this as a zero i will proubly get my answer in the next 20 yers
    patches48 (5 years ago):
    i already have this so therefore cannot play
    idahaynes505 (8 years ago):
    Sad  Sad