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    Visiting my Grandmother
    One of the best things in life is to have grandparents that live in some other place, not in your city. And if that place is a beautiful place, for example near the sea or at some beautiful mountain, then is even better because kids usually spend their holydays at their grandparents. The feeling that you know so good some other place, besides yours makes you richer in your heart and it seems that there are more opportunities for interesting things to happen. It is also good for yet another reason. After few months at you grandparents house, your home will be more interesting and youll love it even more! Brenda here often goes at her grandmother that lives in other city. It is about a smaller city but its very beautiful since it still has the spirit of tradition and everything. Brenda always travels with train because she enjoys the wonderful passages that could be seen in that place. But this time Brendas visit wont be just for enjoying because she and grandma have a lot of work to do. Brenda is here to help her granny clean up the place.

    Game Walkthrough: The game includes five levels and each one is located in different room from the grandmothers house. In each level you will see that its a real mess and you need to help Brenda clean that mess. Under the main picture you have a list of the objects that should be found and you need to find all items in order to move into the next level. The time for playing is not limited but we recommend you to be fast because at the end of the game you will earn a lot of points. Also you cant use hints in this one, so its everything up to you and your own observational skills. In case that they are not so string, we are sure that they will become after youve played this game.

    Game Instructions: And before you enter into this adventure, it is better to learn the instructions for playing first. In each level you have to observe the whole scene first and look at the wanted items. Once you have found some of those items, you just have to point at the item with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button, to select the item. If you like, you can play on the touchpad of the laptop, by using your fingers instead of a mouse.


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    Visiting my Grandmother

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    Genres: Cleaning | ForFun
    Played: 2,114,212
    Published on: 18.09.2013
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    jackfrost (1 year ago):
    BluAngel (4 years ago):
    Played. Good game. 6-2017
    rmissbrooks59 (5 years ago):
    Fire fox does no refresh, or reload.  
    rmissbrooks59 (5 years ago):
    None of these games open for me.  I even registered.  I changed the Flash setting too.
    idahaynes505 (8 years ago):
    admin (8 years ago):
    Hi leblancs,
    Make sure you have installed Flash Player on your browser. If your browser is freezing, just click on refresh button. We are testing all games before upload and publishing. Everything is alright with the game.
    leblancs (8 years ago):
    game opens but their is nothing there to  look for

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