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    6 Differences
    So how good are your skills for noticing things? Are you a type of a person that easily sees the details? And did you know that 'spot the difference' type of games are actually a really good way for training your observational skills? Yes, the situation is simulated but latter, when you'll have a task to notice something or simply to be able to notice the details around you, you'll be much more skilled thanks' to those games.

    Game Walkthrough: The following game is exactly that kind of game and it will be really helpful for you and your eyes. Each level of the game is a different picture. Actually it is about two pictures that seems to be same but if you concentrate just a little bit better, you will notice that there are some differences between them. As a matter of fact, there are 5 differences that appear between those pictures and you have t spot those differences, in order to pass the level. Some f the objects on the picture are fixed on a precise place while other move all the time so they could be little bit harder for finding but we are sure that you will manage to detect them too, just try to be more focused. There is not time limitation for finishing the levels, but also you can't use any hints while you are playing so it's everything up t you.

    Game Instructions: The instructions are the last step that keeps you apart from the actual playing and we are sure that you will learn them very fast. You observe the both scenes, looking for the differences that appear between them and once you spot a difference, just point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button, to select the difference. Finishing the game faster means that yur observational skills are on a good level. Have fun!


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    6 Differences

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    Published on: 27.09.2013
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    All comments (6)
    mac16101 (3 years ago):
    Awesome Game- very different-
    Ward (4 years ago):
    5/6/2018 Night scene. No hints! Stuck - need one more difference. Must quit this game.
    mabby (4 years ago):
    So difficult, and no hints at all !!
    Azalea (5 years ago):
    This was lovely Ivory (Ivoryboy), I'm sad to see your website is gone. The music, graphics and concepts used were amazing. I especially loved the crossing rail lowering for the giraffe. The objects changing as you clicked on them and the way the numbers were a part of the scene were great to see as well. Fantastic job. It was difficult but well worth it.
    Dancer L (6 years ago):
    this one is very difficult
    kidd_awesome (7 years ago):
    it ****s tht u only get 1 hint u should get 2