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    When it comes about art, besides the good technique and the talent, the inspiration is probably the most important thing for an artist. Thats why artists through the history looked for many different ways to increase their inspiration. Some of them found their inspiration in love or women, some of them went on some far trips in the Far East, while some even took a lot of alcohol to get that spirit of trance and inspiration. There are so many people and objects in the world, but there should be some stimulus that will turn those things in a piece of art, and finding that stimulus could be very hard sometimes. Perhaps that is why art is not just a pure production. Artists have time to make numerous things during their life but they end up with only 20, some of them even with less. In the following game it is also about an artist that has lost his inspiration. He has also lost pieces of one painting and he thinks that if he finds them, it will bring his inspiration back. Thats why you are here, to help him find the pieces and bring his inspiration back.

    Game Walkthrough: The game is consisted of five levels. Each level is a different room from the artists house, and you will see that there are numerous objects there. Seems that he was working a lot so he has forgotten to clean the mess but however, we should mind our own business. So besides the pieces of the painting, there are also other objects that need to be found and those objects are given on the list that you could see under the main picture. Finding all those objects, together with the piece of the painting, will lead you into the next level, and so on, until you end up the whole game. There is no hint in the game, and there is no time limitation for finishing the levels.

    Game Instructions: The game is played by using the mouse. You should check out in details the whole scene, looking for the wanted objects, and once you spot some of the wanted objects, you just point at it with the mouse cursor and you click over it with the left mouse button. If you like, you could play the game using your fingers on the touchpad, of course, if you have a laptop, and you like to play like that. We hope that you will have enough inspiration to get to the end of the game.


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    Hidden Inspiration

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    Published on: 02.10.2013
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    19racerlady (3 years ago):
    5 stars....great game...challenging..thank you
    idahaynes505 (8 years ago):
    Clap hands  Clap hands

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