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    Creepy ghosts
    Are you afraid from ghosts or some other supernatural things? It is better for you if you are not because in the following game you will face a lot of them. Or at least if you dont face them, the atmosphere will be so creepy that it will scare you a lot So are you prepared for that kind of challenge? Lets get into that atmosphere of unusual sights and see what is waiting for you.

    Game Walkthrough: Creepy ghosts is a game that includes a lot of sights of unusual things and unusual events that will freeze your blood to some instance but we are sure that youll get calm and you will concentrate on your job no matter what. The game includes 40 levels and in each one of those levels you have a same job to do to find the hidden objects. And by hidden objects we mean he five objects that are given on the list that is positioned on the left side from the main scene. You dont have limited time for doing that but in case that you are fast enough; you will earn a lot of points. So, every found item increases your total score for 25 points but in case that you make some kind a mistake, you miss an object or you make a wrong move, you will lose 5 points. Also each level gives you many chances for using hints but the thing is that youll have to wait for a certain period of time the hint bar to become full and you could use it again. If you manage to finish each level fast enough, you will also manage to earn some extra points at the end of each level so try to be focused on that and become a great player.

    Game Instructions: The game is played by use of the mouse. You observe the scene looking for those objects and once you spot one of them, you point at it with the mouse and you click on it with the left mouse button, in order to select it. If you like, you can play the game on the touchpad of your laptop, using your fingers.


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    Global rating: 2.7/5 from 9 players.

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    Creepy ghosts

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure | Scary
    Played: 154,274
    Published on: 05.10.2013
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    All comments (6)
    hayu (4 years ago):
    Stupid thing won't open
    BluAngel (4 years ago):
    Cool games. Played all of them. 6-2017
    Annamarie (5 years ago):
    white screen why wil the game not open
    Annamarie (5 years ago):
    why is this game loading
    Killabeez (6 years ago):
    Why can you not enlarge the picture and, when you find an object, it should be removed from the list! Another game that could have been really good but is a waste of time to play....Sad Will not recommend or like on Facebook.
    61p11a2 (8 years ago):
    wish it would get full screen