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    Little Research
    And now it is time for some pure training of the observational skills. There isnt any particular topic of the game; its just about some rooms nicely decorated that will serve you just as base for doing your job and that is finding hidden objects. Are you prepared to focus and start detecting things? Lets go!

    Game Walkthrough: This game includes unbelievable 30 levels in which you will definitely improve your observational skills. In each level you get one main picture and from the right side of that picture, there is a list of another 5 smaller pictures with certain object on them. Those are the objects that are actually hiding in the main picture and your job in the game is to find those pictures as fast as possible. as you start the game, the time starts running but your time in general is not limited so you could get as much time as you want for finishing the level. However, in case that you finish the level faster, you will get more bonus points together with the regular points that you earn with every found item. For every found item you get 25 points but your score reduces for 5 points for every mistake that you make. There is also chance for using some hints, and to do that you should just wait for the hint bar to become full and you are free to take your help. Now the research may begin and we hope that you will finish it with a great success.

    Game Instructions: And you are just one step away from starting this game the instructions. However, the instructions are quite easy so you dont have to worry about them at all. You observe the scene looking for those items, and once you spot some of them, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you simply click on it with the left mouse button, in order to select it. We are sure that you have the patience to finish all the levels so lets begin!


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    Little Research

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    Published on: 10.10.2013
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