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    Luckys Adventure
    Imagine that you are a cute little puppy and you have lost your parents. Oh what a bad luck is that?! So small creature walking down the streets alone! What if someone steals it? What if some rushing car comes by or simply what if it loses its way completely and ends up in some deserted place without food and water? Well our character in this game is Lucky and this dog has a destiny like that. He is a small doggy that has lost its parents and now it is walking down the streets looking for them. Lucky thinks that knows those streets since it has passed them so many times, but actually it hasnt passed it alone, and now everything seems new and unknown. Would you help this doggy find his way and his parents?

    Game Walkthrough: This cute game includes 5 levels. In each of those levels Lucky walks down the streets looking for his parents. You will get pictures from different parts of the town and your task will be to explore those places in details and find Luckys parents. Besides looking for the parents, you will also look for some clues that will lead you during the game. In each level there are 10 clues that need to be found. Actually finding those items is a condition for moving into the next level, so you cant be satisfied with less in case that you want to advance in the game. The time for finding the items is not limited but make sure that you finish your job fast because that way you will earn a lot of points. Also know that there isnt any hint available in the game, so everything is up to you and your observational skills.

    Game Instructions: And now the instructions for playing and you are free to start. Like most of the hidden object games, this one is point and click game as well. you have the mouse in your hand and you should start searching. Once you detect an item, you point at the item with the mouse cursor and you just click on the item that you like to select, using the left mouse button and thats it. the game could be also played with use of the touchpad, in case that you have a laptop, and you like to play with fingers. It doesnt matter on which manner you play as long as you detect the object fast and help Lucky find his parents. Good luck!


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    Luckys Adventure

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    Genres: Adventure | Pets
    Played: 574,545
    Published on: 15.10.2013
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