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    The Cursed Village
    There was one village. A village like any other village that you know, or even better because it was so quiet and it seemed that everyone lived in a perfect harmony there because no one had fight with no one for many, many years. The villagers helped each other all the time and they were prepared to do anything just to keep the things all right. But one day something strange has happened. People that lived there started to disappear one by one. Besides those people, someone started to steal objects from the village and there hasnt been a single criminal in that place so far But soon the things become clear it was about vampires! Someone saw one, then few of the villagers reported that it is definitely about vampires and they wanted to fight them but this fight seem so absurd so they decided to leave the village and move to some other place. Now this village that once was full of joy and happiness is totally empty. The houses are still beautiful but they are full with dust and abandoned. You cant see the kids playing around or the villagers chatting on the streets. It definitely looks as there was some vampire invasion Lets check out this place if there is something interesting left

    Game Walkthrough: This game is actually a visit to this village. It has three levels and each level is a different scene from the village and your task here is to look for those 10 objects that are hidden in the pictures. You have those objects given on a list and finding all of them in each level is a condition for moving into the next level. While you do that, you cant use any hint so everything is up to you and your observational skills. On other hand, the time for searching is not limited so you have all the time in the world for finishing the game.

    Game Instructions: And before you start playing, just see the instructions and you are free to start. Take the mouse in your hand and start the game. Observe the whole scene and look for those objects that you have on the list. Once you spot some of those objects, point at it with the mouse cursor and click over it, using the left mouse button. That is the whole procedure, just try to be fast and accurate in your moves and you wont have any problem passing the whole game.


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    The Cursed Village

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure | Scary
    Played: 109,865
    Published on: 21.10.2013
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